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And the Nominees Are . . .

Watching Oscar Year by Year.

Watching Oscar Nominated Films!
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I have begun a Nerdquest, and that quest is to see every film nominated for an Academy Award, ever, in chronological order. For now, I am limiting the quest to major categories (mainly due to availability issues) such as Acting, Writing, Directing, Music, Editing, Costume Design, Special Effects, and Best Pictures.

For now, all entries are moderated by me. This will change when I get it together with an actual format and a set of rules to accompany The Golden Rules:
1. If it hasn't been nominated for an Oscar, don't post an entry about it. Comments can go, for the most part, all willy nilly for all I care. That's the point of a community, learning and discussing, and an entry about a particular nominee might remind you of another performance you love. And I want to hear about it! Just not as the topic of an entry.
2. THIS COMMUNITY SHALL REMAIN FLAME FREE. Period. You get one strike, and then you're out. This won't turn into an IMDB forum, and I won't tolerate name-calling and belittling because someone has a different opinion than you. Disagree and discuss like rational human beings.