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We interrupt this regularly scheduled community . . .

Since the movies I've seen so far haven't made me jump for joy, and since I feel I've been neglection my brainchild, I've decided to make an Oscar '07 prediction post. I'm keeping an eye on a bunch of movies, some I just really want to see, some I think look like typical Oscar fodder. So here, in order of their release date, are my suspects.

September 7:
The Hunting Party. It's a black comedy, and nothing funny usually gets too much attention from ye ole Academy. But - this one stars Richard Gere and has a politically charged plot. Thought provoking + funny? You never know . . .

Fierce People. Single mom struggling with addiction. Forbidden love. Based on a novel. The stars are certainly not the media's A-list, but all are respected and consistent. I like Anton Yelchin a lot. I hope he sticks around for a long time.

3:10 to Yuma. First off, let me say that Christian Bale is set to become the next . . . well . . . Russell Crowe. Only better, in this poster's humble opinion. :) Based on an Elmore Leonard short story, this looks like it might take a lot of nods. Westerns are few and far between these days, and when they do well, they do really well. "Unforgiven," anyone? Wouldn't it be great to see Christian Bale nominated for two roles? This, and Rescue Dawn, which I friggin' missed in the theaters. At any rate, this looks like the kind of pleaser that gets recognition for acting, score, cinematography, adaptation, direction, art direction maybe . . . Oscar candy. Ha!

Septmeber 14
Eastern Promises. Cronenberg used to be a bit too icky for the sake of being icky for me. But I LOVED "A History of Violence," and now Cronenberg has admitted in so many words that he was starting to bore himself, and is now a more "traditional" route. Works for me. Viggo Mortenson - he has total potential to become a "superstar," yet he hasn't. And I kind of like that. Vincent Cassel? SWEET.

The Brave One. OK. Silence of the Lambs was tits. But what made it stand out so much? What made it rise above a typical thriller to become one of only three movies to ever sweep the main awards? I daresay it was the acting and directing. Sure, the book was good, but that doesn't really mean a whole lot in the long run. It's really easy to fuck up a good book. I think Jodi Foster is the type of actor that can take anything to another level. So while this could just be a pissed-off-chick movie, I think she'll rock it.

Silk. Lush foreign locations. Forbidden love crossing language bariers. Based on a respected novella. Pssht. Need I say more?

Across the Universe. This is some weird Beatles musical, and it can go one of two way - I see no in-between; briliance, or suckitude. From what I've read, it's a bit avant-gardey, and I am always a bit skeptical of avant-garde. I think it has the largest cast listing I've ever seen on IMDb. But, it's directed by Julie Taymor, who I think is cool. :) So we'll see.

September 21
Into the Wild. This is a Sean Penn directed true story about a "respected" dude that gives everything up to live in the Alaskan wilderness and it's eventually the death of him. This sounds like it will be very character driven, but I think Alaska will be a character as well. Sean Penn is going to grow up to be Clint Eastwood, and that's awesome.

Trade. A "message" film featuring Kevin Kline, who I really love. The particular message projected in this film would seem to be that "sex slaves are bad." While it looks like an incredibly powerful flick, not only its subject - Mexican trading of child sex slaves - but also its content (which I will not spoil in this post) might hurt its mainstream appeal. Screw it - we don't need no stinking masses.

The Assasination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford. Another character driven western, it seems, this one with a goliath of a cast. Yay Casey Affleck!

September 28
Lust, Caution. An erotic espionage thriller period piece directed by Ang Lee. Win.

The Kingdom I don't know about this one. I really like Peter Berg, but this just looks like it could come out a giant turd. None of the actors shout out at me, and the plot is al right, but it looks like someone said "Hey! Let's set it in Iraq to make it edgier and current eventier!"